Meet the pop-punk band Till I Fall !

Till I Fall is an Alternative Pop Punk band from San Jose, CA. The band released, on April 20th 2017 their Self Titled EP, composed of 6 tracks.

Till I Fall

The EP begins with ‘Static‘, a political prelude that will most certainly surprise a lot of you guys, who were probably expecting a full, real, song! No worries though, you won’t have to hear America’s President Mr. Trump for too long! Second track ‘Handbasket‘ is indeed showing off furious guitar riffs and pounding drums, which makes it impossible not to shake your head to the fast beat of this track.

Through Your Eyes‘ is however more melodious than the previous song and shows us here the great vocal abilities of singer Brandon Leland, which is really nice to hear! You are only half the EP but you already know that it will increase in power as the songs go by.

If I had to pick one track off of this EP, it’d definitely be the fourth track ‘Circles‘ (but this is not a surprise for those who know me…). Its classic pop-punk riffs are quite catchy and this is why it’s exactly the type of song I can listen to for hours, without getting tired of it!

The riffs on the following track ‘Sunshine‘ are simply awesome and the chorus is really catchy. Once again, the chorus highlights the singers’ voice and this track seems clearly very promising live. It’s this type of band that really makes me want to buy a plane ticket to see them live, and just for that, hands down!

Last but not least, the closing track ‘Cherry Bomb‘, was already making me shake my head up and down from the very first seconds, and I knew at this exact moment that I was going to love this track! We have here a mature and emotional songwriting which people can actually relate to.

I actually took the time to listen to the bands other EPs before this one, and I clearly saw how much they have improved over the years! This EP indeed shows a lot of promises and if the next one carries this on, they’ll be huge! Well done, Till I Fall!

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