Band of the week 02: So Far So Good

Introducing our Band of the Week #02 : Rock band ‘So Far So Good’!

So far so good

Who are they?
So Far So Good stated mid 2016 with Chad Buehner and Clint Lafavers. The Band is now in the works of gathering members and getting on the road, with the addition of Blake Hester and Shane Smith getting them closer to their goals.

Their debut EP ‘This Is Me Now’
The bands first EP ‘This Is Me Now‘ was recorded and released independently in June 2017.

“The EP and band got started mid 2016. Chad, the vocalist, and I were living together and spending a lot of time in my basement working on songs. We were both coming out of some big turning points in our lives and we had a lot to say and get off our chest. Oddly enough, the way the songs are written, they mean different things to us individually. The way Chad interprets the song is different than how I do and we really like the EP even more because of it. We were able to give every song multiple voices.” – Clint

If I (Valentine, owner of WHTYB) had to pick one track off of this EP, it would definitely be Wasting Away. This song is indeed really catchy and I’m glad Clint and I both agree on that!

“Wasting away would have to be my number one song on the ep. It was the first song we wrote for it all and I think it represents us well. I want to say it’s a little mild compared to what we have in store for future releases, but it’s a good introduction to what we are capable of and what we hope to bring to the table next time around.” – Clint

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