Band of the Week 01: Whispering Jackie

Introducing our Band of the Week #01 : Rock band ‘Whispering Jackie’!

Whispering Jackie

Who are they?
Bursting out of Sydney’s DIY punk scene in early 2016, Whispering Jackie make music that’s unapologetic and brimming with raw honesty. Fronted by Sare Jackie, the trio’s pronounced 90s sound is instantly catchy, a fusion of punk garage and grunge with a strong female voice.

Their upcoming EP ‘For The Moment’
The bands’ forthcoming sophomore EP ‘For The Moment’ is set to be released at the end of the year.

Whispering Jackie have however recently released, on June 30th, their new single ‘Breaking Up This Time’, which is the lead track lifted from their upcoming EP.

“The songs for “For The Moment” came together last year at a time when I was feeling fed up. I was working a job I didn’t like, and I was going through some personal struggles, and it seemed like every person I spoke to was in the same boat.

I really wanted “For The Moment” to capture some of that despair and frustration, but to also celebrate the banality of the everyday and not to take yourself too seriously. I think we nailed it, I’m totally stoked and really love what me and the boys achieved with this release.

There is some common rock n roll themes: love, heartbreak, emotional denial but the lyrics weave and wind between ideas and concepts, whilst the music to project the overall emotional tone. Taking cues from 90s alternative music, the big drums and big guitars totally get the vibe across.

This release isn’t looking so far inwards when compared to our last release “Social Isolation” so I hope it resonates with the listener, and proves that despite despair there’s still castles in the air.” – Sare

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