SIDEWALK to release new EP !

SIDEWALK is a Dutch Punk Rock band, which consists of Gerko (vocals), Joralf (guitar – backing vocals), Pieter (bass – backing vocals) and Jos (drums).


In October 2015, Sidewalk released their first full length ‘Full Throttle‘. The band is now about to release, on August 1st 2017, a brand new 4-track EP named ‘Here and Now‘ and I got the amazing opportunity to listen to it before the official release date!

The EP starts strongly with its fast-paced opening track named ‘Is This What We Need‘. The energy of the song is spreading so fast that I’m sure that after a few seconds, you’ll already be jumping from right to left! Even without going further, we already know that EP is going to be very promising!

The vocal melodies are well accompanied by the other vocal harmonies present on second track ‘2 Confession‘, which makes it perfect for a sing along! We can quickly imagine ourselves in the middle of a crowd, having fun like there’s no tomorrow, on this very energetic track!

Third track ‘Fuck Knowledge‘ is slightly different from the others, as we have the chance to hear at once two voices that both mix very well: those of a man and a woman, which is really nice to hear! This track is also offering us a really catchy chorus, in addition to the catchy guitar riffs, which makes us want to jump up throughout the whole track!

Last but not least, the closing track ‘4 Teachers‘ offers us some great guitar riffs mixed to pounding drums, which makes it perfect to close this EP. The gang vocals at the end of this song add some depth that remains very promising live.

SIDEWALK have set the bar high with this new EP, and we cannot wait to see how you guys are going to respond to it once it’s finally out! August 1st 2017… Save the date!

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