Get to know the punk band ‘Amherst Drive’!

Multi-instrumentalist Derek KORTEPETER is back with solo project ‘AMHERST DRIVE’! KORTEPETER indeed uses his lifelong influence of growing up with Southern California’s punk music scene to create a sound that is unique and also true to his roots.

Amherst Drive Banner

Punk was the first style of music I ever loved, and I found my passion for music again with the idea of starting a solo punk project. Total creative control and all instruments/vocals performed by me (kinda like a punk version of Nine Inch Nails lol). I was able to channel a lot of the early feelings I got that pushed me into music into the first place.” says Derek.

Amherst Drive recently released two debut singles named ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Better Way’. These singles are both available on Bandcamp. Both songs were produced, arranged and written by Derek, as well as the instruments and vocals.

The great thing is that both songs are completely different from each other. ‘Breakdown‘ brings up the subject of political and socio-cultural, while ‘Better Way‘ is more about love. While Derek initially had a penchant for his first single, he nevertheless learned to appreciate his second one, and I’m glad he did. If I had to pick one track, it’d probably be the second single, because it’s a subject that everyone can relate to.

I’m not really comfortable expressing emotions that cause me to be more vulnerable, but that song about trying to get the love of your life to come back is an evolution in my songwriting.” explains Derek.

So, now that you all got the chance to be introduced to Amherst Drive, I guess it’s time for you to listen to the two releases and to make your own opinion!

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