Introducing Crashing Atlas

We had a chat with the Hard Rock Band CRASHING ATLAS, to talk about their single “Ascend“, the title track off of their upcoming EP, set to be released on September 22nd 2017 !

Crashing Atlas

Hello Crashing Atlas! Thanks for doing this interview with us! Could you introduce yourselves and tell us about how the band first formed? Shelby Celine- Vocals, Dougie Chi-Town-Guitar/Vocals, Felix Nieto-Guitar/Vocals, Chris “Blosk” Bloskey-Drums.

Felix, Blosk, and Dougie met while playing in another band in 2016. Due to lack of direction and motivation they decided to leave and form their own band with the idea of making something that wasn’t currently being played on the radio. We began writing in late 2016 and found a fiery vocalist named Shelby Celine through an ad in January of 2017. We all sat in a room not knowing what kind of sound we would make together and that day we wrote our first song “What I Missed” and knew this was something that we could all get excited about.

How did you come up with the name “Crashing Atlas”? Crashing Atlas came from different conversations between members. We originally had the name Crashing Drama slotted for the new project. Blosk came to us with the idea of Crashing Atlas. The name really came from a play on the mythology of Atlas coupled with the idea that we can only be accountable for ourselves. If we condemn ourselves to prop up our entire world; worrying about everyone else and not ourselves, Our (Atlas) legs will eventually give out and come crashing down.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your songs before? High flying guitars with electronic experimentations coupled with Shelby’s pop sensibilities.  Old Paramore mixed with a harder pop edge!

Can you tell us more about your upcoming EP ‘Ascend’? The concept behind the whole thing was conceived when I (Dougie) was in the midst of a military enlistment. I wanted to so badly to be anywhere but there and just be free of the weight of responsibility on my shoulders at the time.  The Ascend EP as a whole talks about being a place you can’t stand in your life and knowing there is a utopian type place waiting for you if you’re willing to fight for it. Our lead single off the EP is entitled “Savages” and it talks about the human race as it stand today. In the end we will revert back to our natural instincts and look out for number one.

How long have you worked on it and how did you approach the writing process? We wrote the EP in about 4 months. We have a great writing process in this band. Shelby and I usually sit down to work out the bones of the song on acoustic guitar.  Sometimes we will both have a completed song and other times I will bring a chorus to shelby and she ties the story in with her verses. We bring it to Felix who is our “Wizard” that adds amazing guitar lines and synth lines. Blosk ads little nuances that help the song sprout.

According to you, does your single ‘Ascend’ best reflect the spirit of this EP? Yes. Ascend was the second song we wrote on the record. There is a line in the song that sticks out that describes the entire record. “I will ascend while you drift away, the stars they will not fade.” If you fight enough you will move away from the situation holding you back, and you know that happiness is just ahead and it won’t go away once you reach it.

What do you hope your fans will take from this new record? That as bad as things in your life can get, you know there is hope for a better day. It could be getting out of that bad relationship, putting the drugs down, or asking for help through a tough period. Just know there is your own utopian type place in your life if you are willing to fight for it.

I saw that you’re playing a lot of gigs… Do you have any pre-show rituals? I mostly take time to myself to reflect on why I am there, and that’s to put on the best show I can for everybody. I usually do a bit of yoga to keep me limber on stage with all of the jumping and twisting I do. A few minutes before we go on we say our secret band chant before exploding onto the stage.

Out of all the experiences you had as a band, has there been a particular one that has stood out to you? I think we all agree that working with Billy Decker (Sam Hunt, Montgomery Gentry) who mixed our record. For all of the accolades and prestige surrounding him, he is one of the most down to earth people we have ever met. Also working with Spencer Sotelo from Periphery on the vocal production. Having that range of styles from a metal world to a country world really speaks to the diversity we are trying to bring to our sound, so it’s fresh and original.

To finish, what is one lesson you’ve learned that you think is important to pass onto other bands? Take the time to write good material. A lot of bands want to jump out of the gate without having a quality catalogue. First and foremost your music is what backs you up. The rest will fill in with time!  

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