No Cigar are back with full-length LP

Hailing from Montana, No Cigar is an alternative rock band that blossomed from the inspiration and frustration of each member’s different life experiences. 

No Cigar

The band is composed of Nick Miles (Guitar – vocals), Chris Reeves (Guitar – vocals), Zach Reiter (Bass – vocals) and Colton Gabel (Drums – vocals).

The band started out strong by self-producing a handful of five to six song EP’s & some other various single tracks, as well as logging tens of thousands of miles playing shows around the US. Yet, after four plus years, the band hasn’t released a proper full-length album. Palm Mutes & Pick Slides, released on June 23rd is No Cigar’s first full-length LP and you can stream it below!

I have therefor teamed up with the band members to give you an exclusive track-by-track commentary.

A Face You Know
« This is about someone close to me who suffered from drug addiction and my decision to cut ties with them. » – Colton

Chris’s Song
« This is a simple song celebrating the importance of friends & family. If it wasn’t for them… we wouldn’t be who were are today. » – Nick

No Future
« A track about the desperation at the end of a relationship. When no matter what happens, you know it’s the end. » – Chris

I Hate Myself For Hating That I Hate To Say I Hate You
« It’s about breaking up; not liking the person who broke up with you, but disliking that you can’t be amicable… Also disliking that you should feel amicable, and so on, to infinity. » – Zach

Way Too Fast
« A song about when life is just going awesome, but you know all that awesome will end some day. » – Chris

Over It
« This song is an ode to straightening up & leaving the party life in the past. It’s alright to have a good time, but if you don’t know your limits… You’ll find yourself somewhere you don’t want to be in life. » – Nick

I-90 West
« This song is about being on tour, but wanting to be home, only to find yourself missing the road when you do get home. » – Colton

Lookout Pass
« A concept track with I-90 West about meeting someone who changes your life and not understanding how to handle the emotional effect it has on you. » – Colton

Turn Back
« It’s about avoiding the rat race of life. Choosing the harder path via following your passions & personal ful-fillments, rather than conforming to society’s pressures. » – Nick

Back Bay
« I wrote this walking through downtown Boston Massachusetts. It’s a bitter-sweet story about falling in love with the city and having to leave it all behind. » – Colton

« The world is always changing. Life has many turning points & often creates multiple crossroads. This song is about the choice you make when presented with such a scenario. » – Nick

We Wouldn’t Listen
« This song is about people not telling us what it’s like to grow up, because they know we won’t listen anyway. It’s also about what it’s like to grow up… » – Nick

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