Get to know the punk band Muscular Child !

We got the chance to sit down and talk to Matt from Muscular Child. Learn more about their new EP ‘Risk Factor 100%‘ below !

Muscular Child

Hello guys! Thanks for taking time to answer our questions! How did your band get started? Hey, thanks for having us! The idea for Muscular Child came about because Jake our guitarist and I used to be in bands for a few years before he moved out of the country, we wanted to do a fun heavy project when he got back from working abroad so we put something together. Adam (vocals) currently plays drums in my other band Versus Ursus and Alex (drums) is just a close friend we knew who is great at drums, it all came together really easily!

How did you come up with the name “Muscular Child”? Ha ha, it’s a pretty odd name. It was born out of the band name game, we are constantly trying to make up the worst band names in existence and make each other laugh, Muscular Child is just what won that day. It’s lucky we didn’t end up with Electro Whale / Satan’s Gym Bag or anything like that.. ha ha. In all seriousness though I do actually feel like it’s quite an apt name for the band, the music is quite direct and ‘Muscular’ sounding but there is a slightly Childish sense of fun to it all.

What/who are the main influences in your music? I’d say for these recordings the main reference points are Converge, Narrows, Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, Dillinger Escape Plan and The Color of Violence. Although there is probably a little of all of these in each song, I don’t think the body of work collectively sounds like any of them, they are probably more of a reference point. There is a song the combines Black Metal with Surf Guitar for example…. I don’t think any of the bands that I have mentioned have done that, but we took the leap and I like that! Probably a sense of freedom is what influenced us the most.

You recently released an EP named ‘Risk Factor 100%’. Can you tell us more about it? With pleasure, our first release features six tracks of high powered punk infused metal, it comes in at just under 18 minutes and takes the listener on quite a journey despite its diminutive length.  There is quite a mix of different genres although all the tracks are within the realm of punk/metal music, it was a fun and spontaneous project that hopefully sounds full of energy!

What about the recording process? Any funny story from the studio? The recording process for this was great fun, the majority of it was recorded live in the studio over two days and we overdubbed backing vocals and bass guitar after the fact. We hadn’t really rehearsed all together before we recorded as some members were living out of the country so it was great to get together and work out the songs. I think we must have played each song individually well over 20 times to get a final take! Recording them live helped us get a really great energetic raw sound! We spent so much time working on the recordings that weekend that we didn’t really document much of the recording process, as a result when we were working on artwork all of the photos taken from the sessions were included, plus one that wasn’t (guess which) the ‘shoe in dip’ photo is a particular highlight for me, also the Llama photo ha ha.

Sans titre 3

How have your fans responded to it so far? Most of the people I spoken to have enjoyed it or at least been positive about it, by its very nature it’s quite hard to listen to and probably isn’t the most relaxing music! I imagine it would be great motivational music if you’re down the gym or sword fighting in medieval times… something along those lines. I really like music that is challenging to listen to, I find that I get something out art when I have to put more time into understanding it. There is also something very cathartic about listening to or playing loud guitars and screaming!

What do you hope they will take from this new record? I hope the sense of freedom and fun we had when making the stuff comes through, while it’s loud and in your face over the top music, we did make it with a sense of humor, it’s supposed to be a positive thing!

What’s up next for your band? All of our members are scattered all the place, Canada, Switzerland and UK so it’s not always easy to get together but we have plans to meet up and hopefully record Muscular Child part II later this year, so watch this space! We may possibly even play live, we will see!

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