Get to know the melodic pop punk trio ‘Infinite Signal’ !

Infinite Signal is a three-piece melodic Pop-Punk band originally from Southern California, which consists of Eli Ollila (guitar – vocals), Kelly Kent (bass – guitar) and Drew Nelson (drums). The band released, on May 26th, a new EP titled “The Dread“.

Infinite Signal

Opening up this EP is ‘The Dread‘, which is a clever introduction to this record. It’s a single that you guys already had the chance to discover one month before the official release date. The song makes sure it kicks off with a heavy touch, which makes us want to discover more!

Coming up next is ‘Dead, Tired, Broken‘. It’s the shortest track on this EP and we actually wish it was longer. If you guys are into deep, hard hitting lyrics, then this song is definitely made for you!

Third track ‘The End of the World‘ is probably the song I least appreciated on the EP. It’s however a very good piece, which is easily listened to, but I think it missed a little something to be on the same level as the other songs!

Deepest Fears‘ immediately takes you on a punchy fast paced journey. This track is indeed showing off some amazing, fast paced guitar riffs and pounding drums, that will immediately make you want to jump up throughout the whole song!

Fifth track ‘The Burden‘ is definitely the highlight of the record, and also my favorite track, with its extremely well constructed vocal melodies and fast-paced instrumentals.

Closing track ‘Never Say Die‘ is a much quieter piece, which greatly emphasizes the instrumental parts of the song. This track is indeed showing off a really nice guitar tone that compliments the melody it plays.

I did not know this band at all, and I’m glad I’ve been approached by them to review their EP. It must be one of the best Southern California based melodic punk bands I have listened to since I created What Happened to your Band?. Well done, guys!

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