Bat Signal release debut album on vinyl !

Bat Signal was formed under the midnight sky of a full moon night in 2014, to deliver dark, melodic punk rock. They released their first EP ‘Dangernights‘ on cassette in 2015, which was supported by their very first international tour.

Bat Signals

The guys have performed intensively within their country, alongside some of the most important Greek Punk Rock bands, getting a strong reputation for their passionate and energetic live shows.

Their debut album ‘Straight Out of Midnight‘ was digitally released in 2016 and is now available on 12’ vinyl, in collaboration with labels such as Now Or Never, World’s Appreciated Kitsch, Walk The Line (Greece), Keep It A Secret (Germany), L.R.S (USA) and the support of Cannonball music.

If you guys are fans of good punk rock music and most importantly vinyls, you have the possibility to order their album on their bandcamp page. But first of all… here’s a preview of what you’ll have between your hands if you order it 😉

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