Travellers are back with debut album “Deatheaters” !

I will definitely always love the Italian Alternative scene! It is true that I already got the chance, when I started What Happened to your Band?, to be able to review the first tracks of Travellers, and the first thing that comes to my mind is that their style has definitely changed!


This debut album ‘Deatheaters‘ is a great example of how much the band has improved over the years. We indeed go from a Pop-Punk style to an alternative one, much deeper and more catchy. We can totally feel the maturity that the band has acquired over the years… 🙂

What I loved the most are the references to Harry Potter. All the fans indeed have to notice the title of the album, before they even start listening to it! But it does not stop there! This album, composed of 9 tracks, offers you both very catchy songs and also musical compositions, without any singing parts, which is very nice to hear and which allows the band to stand out, once again!

If I had to highlight a particular song, it would of course be ‘The Upside Down‘, because that’s how my head has been moving throughout the whole track! A powerful song, showing off a catchy chorus.

I am pleasantly surprised by this debut album. Travellers have indeed reached a new level, and I look forward to seeing what the band will have to offer in a few years… 🙂 Well done, guys.

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