Get to know the Italian punkers ‘Fernweh’ !

Italian emo punkers Fernweh, previously known as Saudade, are back with a brand new self-titled EP, released back in March 2017.


This new release actually highlights a transition between their previous sound and the new one: Songs like “Things” and “Mulligrubs” represent the bands older sound, while “Stealing Beers” and “Therapy” describe their new direction.

If the band had to pick one track off this EP, it would be the last one named ‘Therapy‘. « It’s the one that really feels ours and it reflects very well the kind of music that we both like. When we started to write it, we would have never bet on the result that we actually got. We’re not saying that this is the best song ever, of course, but the path that brought us to the final version of the song has been more mature than any other track we ever played. We’ve thought about every single fragment and we’ve worked on it until we were fully satisfied with everything. Thanks to this song, we realized how satisfying it can be to write a song, which is the translation of our inner self transposing in music and in the melodies.  It’s not just about your taste, but what you really feel and stuff like that. Therapy deals with the difficulties of leaving, the feeling of being inappropriate and guilty, but in a certain way, proud of your choice. It’s more or less the central idea of the whole EP. »

Everyone in the music industry knows that changing a whole branding and a whole sound can either work, or destroy all the work you’ve put into your project since its creation. If the guys decided to create a new band, it’s mostly because they would like their fans to « […] Hear an improvement from our last work and we wish they’ll like the new direction we chose for these songs. People should really focus on our lyrics, we really want to break this barrier between music listenability and its meaning. We want them to feel our songs’ emotionally. Our first aim is to find people whom take things to heart like us. So far, we received very positive responses and we hope we’ll get more. »

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