French Punk Rockers Bare Teeth are back with a brand new EP !

French Punk Rockers Bare Teeth are finally back with a brand new EP named ‘First the Town, Then the World‘, out on May 19th 2017


Recorded by Olive T’Servrancx & Romain Pouly, mixed by Trevor Reilly (A Wilhelm Scream) and mastered by Joe Reilly, this new record contains 7 tracks, along with a bonus one that will delight every Punk Rock fans! 

As a preview, the band released, on May 5th 2017, a music video for single ‘Parted Ways’. Fans and media, all around the world, both shared a lot of interest in this track.

If I had to pick one song off this EP, it would definitely be ‘Always Rain‘. This track is indeed the best one so far, showing off some amazing guitar riffs and fast, pounding drums. As explained below, Always Rain was already on the bands demo and thank god, they decided to improve it for this new EP, which is probably one of the best ideas they had so far 😉

“I’m not sure I could pick only one song, because I like them all. I wrote “Parted Ways” and “Behind the Wall” quite a long time ago, but the more I play them and the better they get. “Always Rain” and “These Towns Need Guns” were on our demo, but we did some improvements on the record, and even some more when we play them live. “Down” is the first song written by Titouan for the band, and the only one on the record, so it makes it special. “First the Town, Then the World” is a brand new song and “Tomorrow Starts Today” sounds more poppy, so it adds some good vibes to the record.“ – Greg

Bare Teeth is definitely a band with a lot of potential, because each song on this EP is as good as the previous one. I’m sure that this EP will help the band being known all around the world, at least, that’s what I wish, from the bottom of my heart!

“We really hope we will make some new fans and this record will give us some new opportunities. All we want is to play as much as possible, everywhere in the world. You know, we’ve almost conquered the town, so we know what we have to do next! ;)“ – Greg

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