Interview with punk rock band Hedonistic Noise


Hey guys. This week, we’re introducing you to the three-piece punk rock band: Hedonistic Noise. Learn more about their debut album Silence Is More Musical” below!

Hedonistic Noise

Hello! Thanks for taking time to answer our questions! Could you please introduce your band to our readers? We are a punk rock band that was formed in April 2016, in Istanbul/Turkey. The band consists of 3 members: Orçun Özdemir (guitar/vocals), Emre Terzoğlu (bass) and Doğa Gürkan (drums). I think we have garage punk sound.

How did your band get started? I (Orçun) decided to start a punk rock band, and gave announcements on common websites. Ali Özdemir who is the bass player of Turkish punk rock band called “Cemiyette Pişiyorum” shared my announcement on their Facebook page and that helped me a lot. Then, I met Emre on this page. Furthermore, there is a popular Turkish musician website which has lots of dumb people who don’t even know the meaning of playing in a band, but want to play in 96415 bands at the same time. I was hopeless to find a band member on this website, and was tired of coping with idiot messages like “Hello, I wanna be a punk rocker, I am a sick bastard as hell who uses drugs every day like there is no tomorrow, can I play bass/drums?”. Eventually, we met Doğa and finally managed to start composing our songs.

What’s the story behind your bands name? At first, I suggested it to be “Noisy Sex”, but they didn’t like it. We play noisy and our music satisfies us. So, it should be “Hedonistic Noise”.

Can you tell us the story behind your debut album ‘Silence Is More Musical’? Our first release was a demo album which consists of 11 raw rehearsal recordings. I think it was really nice, but too raw to listen. We wanted to experience mix and mastering processes and tried to touch people in a direct aggressive way with short but effective recordings. Also, there are 2 songs more melodic than the other songs. “Kim İnandırabilirdi?” has nostalgic emotions, and “Yanılgı” has a dark atmosphere which can surprise our listeners at the end of the album.

How was the recording process? It was our first recording process, so we were a little bit worried. But, Alper Erkut (the owner of Byzantion Records and Tight Aggressive studio) is a really funny person. While head banging, he made jokes and gave us a motivation to keep playing songs over and over again. There is an old bakery in front of the studio and they sell very delicious Turkish bagel and ayran, it was our source of energy to record this whole album.

I’m sure you guys have at least one funny story to tell us from your recording sessions! At the end of the mix and mastering processes. Our sound engineer Mr. Erbaş (Alican Erbaş) sent us the final recordings to share, and I think we listened to each song maybe 100 times before sharing them. When they were uploaded to YouTube, at the last minute I realized that Doğa is slowly screaming “Fuck yoooouu!” during the last 2 seconds of the track “Kim İnandırabilirdi?” It was our only emotional and sweet song, he couldn’t ruin it! And I was like “Shiiittttt, I have to stop it and cut this part immediately.” Finally, we managed to share them properly. One day, after releasing it on April 16th, the result of the presidential referendum showed us it was the last album of the Republic of Turkey.

Who were your main influences for this debut album? Not for this debut album but if it is compulsory to give general influences I can say that I like garage and grunge sounds,  like “Nirvana”. Emre likes hardcore sound “Minor Threat” and “D.R.I.” looks legit.  Doğa likes pop punk and listens to “Green Day”.

How do you usually write and compose your songs? After eating 65841 tons of magic mushrooms, temple visiting in India and masturbating, the lyrics and melodies came into my mind in a spiritual way. Then, we went to the rehearsal studio and start ed masturbating together. Finally, the songs created a solid structure to record.

Any plans to hit the road soon? In Istanbul, one day while we were playing on the concert, the owner of the venue yelled at us: “You fucked up my whole Saturday. No one drinks beer in this show. What kind of audience do you have?” It was funny, until we were getting sober. In the future, if you don’t care the number of beer sold and if you invite us ,it would be nice to play in France.

Deep question for the last one: If not music, what would you guys be doing? Orçun – Gigolo ; Emre – Executive Manager of Whorehouse ; Doğa – English Literature Teacher.

What Happened to your Band?