Get to know the UK based Punk Rock band Standing Like Statues

Hey guys. This week, we’re introducing you to the the UK based Punk Rock band Standing Like Statues. Learn more about their single “Daytime TV” below!

Standing Like Statues

Hello guys. Thank for you so much for doing this interview with us. Could you please introduce your band to our readers? Hey, thanks for having us! We’re Cambridgeshire alt-rockers, Standing Like Statues.

How did you guys put this band together? Jamie (vocals), Beth (bass/vocals) and Meitar (guitar) grew up together making music in various projects. In the ‘college years’ ex-drummer Will, and Nigel (guitar/vocals) joined the gang. Since late 2016, Greg (drums) joined us, and we’ve been going strong ever since!

How did you come up with the name of your band? We were struggling to settle on a band name for weeks, then whilst listening to the awesome Enter Shikari, the lyrics from their self titled album just stuck, and felt right – “Still wewillbe here. Standing Like Statues”. I (Nigel) took it to the rest of the band, who loved it.

You recently released a music video for your single ‘Daytime TV’. How was the shooting experience? It was absolutely incredible. We are lucky enough to have a great team of people on board, who always go above and beyond to help us achieve our vision and goal. The best part of shooting was all the bits in between – we love a good blooper reel! And of course, hanging out in our friends old, mid-renovated, huge georgian house!

How have people responded to it so far? We saw it and we absolutely loved it. Great job! Thank you. Since it launched, we’ ve had a very positive response! We’ve had some great press, and lots of views and activity! The best part for us, is people have approached us saying how they have really connected with the song, and found the message from the video to be very powerful and important.

What’s the story behind this track? Beth and Jamie penned this one when they were still in their teens! So it really is heart on sleeve, almost captured in time. It can be whatever you want it to be. For us, the underlying theme is about feeling pretty useless, frustrated, unable to make things better. To then reach the point where you can accept things can’t always be fixed, and try to see things in a different light, to be able to move forward.

What or who influences the music that you write? The biggest inspiration for our writing comes from the happenings in our daily lives, in our friends lives, our city, the world… We’re guilty of being honest and in touch with our own feelings, and our music will never hide away from that. People being able to connect with what we bring to the table is forever influential. Growing up, we’ve been influenced by all kinds of music. A few bands that we feel inspire a lot of what we want from our musical lives are the likes of: Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, A Day to Remember.

Out of all the experiences you had as a band, has there been a particular one that has stood out to you? There have been so many incredible moments, and sure to be more to come… But at this moment in time, playing with Fort Hope last year in our home town, it was a special one! We’re currently in the short list to play at Y Not Festival, which would be the big thing for 2017! You can vote for us here:

Let’s learn some funny things about you guys! Tell us one random fun fact about each band member of the band. This is fun! Okay, we’ll play, but one of us is going to lie, and you have to guess which one! Can I say which one is a lie, or do you want your fans to guess? :p Jamie – can make his entire scalp move, as if wearing a toupee! Meitar – lost a job for taking a selfie with a statue of a famous Cambridge-ite. Nigel – is a 55 year old carpenter, originally from Tennessee. Greg – general henchman, could bench lift a small bungalow. Beth – massively hyper mobile, so nearly ALL of her joints easily dislocate!

To finish, what’s up next for Standing like Statues? We’re heading into the studio mid-may with producer Matty Moon (Lonely the Brave) to lay down our second EP. We’ll be shooting some music videos too! During this, you can catch us at these shows around the UK… Portland Arms, Cambridge 29/05 (with Twin Wild), Black Heart in London 04/06, Met Lounge, Peterborough (with Courage My Love), Wildfire Festival in Scotland 24/06, Portland Arms, Cambridge 12/07 (with Chasing Cadence). Much more to be announced!

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