Meet the female-fronted Pop-Punk band False Archetypes

False Archetypes is a female-fronted Belgian Pop-Punk band, composed of Laura (Vocals), Evert (Lead Guitar), Raf (Rythm Guitar), Nolan (Bass) and Robbe (Drums).

False Archetypes

The band released, back on March 25th, their debut EP “Still Standing” and what a great release! I indeed loved it from the very first song. This band actually makes me think of the band Hey Monday and I find it great to have, as a singer, a woman!

“This debut EP definitely was a challenge as it was our first time in a studio. None of us really knew what to expect from it. Putting everything together and finding common ground was a real challenge because everyone wants what’s best for the music. We spent many hours discussing and debating the choices we had, and most of the time those discussions would get very heated. It was a difficult few weeks but we got through, hence the name Still Standing.“ – Raf

If I had to highlight one track off this EP, it would definitely be ‘Chapter Blue‘. It’s an amazing, catchy Pop-Punk track, that will make everyone jump up throughout the whole song! Their debut EP has definitely enough to delight the tastes of each one of you.

“For me personally it would be ‘I Refuse To Sink’. It’s our heaviest song and it really speaks to me. It’s about not backing down and always doing what you believe in. I think that the lyrics represent how a lot of people feel sometimes.“ – Raf

According to me, their EP ‘Still Standing‘ is a perfect example of songs I love listening to all day long and this is what makes it a solid material, provided by an awesome up-and-coming Pop-Punk band.

“I hope that our fans will enjoy listening to it as much as we had writing it. And that they can relate to it. A lot of the songs are very personal and about situations everyone has encountered at some point in their lives.“ – Raf

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