Seasonal to release debut EP ‘Bloom’ !

Surrey Pop-Rock newcomers Seasonal are set to self-release ‘Bloom’ on May 19th 2017!


Hello guys. How are you all doing? Thanks so much for taking time to answer our questions! Hi! No problem at all, thanks for having us! We’re all doing great, excited about the release.

Can you please introduce your band and tell us what your roles in it are? We are Seasonal. A pop rock band from Guildford, Surrey. There’s Matt on Bass & Vox; Alex C and Max on Guitars and Alex T on the tubs.

How would you describe your sound overall? We’re a pop rock band at heart, bit of punk but all pretty floaty and chilled. We like to mix up a bit the old and the new from bands who influence us and hope the audience will enjoy the vibe.

You guys are soon going to release your EP ‘Bloom’. Can you tell us more about it? We wrote and recorded this EP last year. Three of us (Matt, Max and Alex T) were already jamming together in early 2016 and Alex C jumped on board late February. We wrote a bunch of songs, and then wrote a bunch more. The songs on ‘Bloom’ are from the bunch more. We really liked the mix of the old and new influences that we’ve captured in these tracks. Lyrically, we took quite an honest and personal approach. There were a few things we all wanted to write about, and just agreed on what topics we felt fitted with the shells of songs we had. Our favorite on the EP has to be ‘Headphones’, as it just such an upbeat pop track at heart, with lyrics reminiscing our years growing up in Guildford, the town with so much to do for teenagers. It’s a great track to play live and we like to have a lot of fun with it.

Is there a particular song you’re especially proud of on this record? The song we are ‘proudest’ of I think has to be ‘Homeward‘. It was really out of our collective comfort zone to write such a stripped back, soft rock song. Oz Craggs really saw where we were coming from with this track and brought the absolute best out of it, and we think it sounds great on this record.

What do you hope your fans will take from these new songs? All the tracks on ‘Bloom’ are topically quite different; some upbeat and reminiscent, others like ‘Homeward’ have a very personal message when penned by Matt. We hope that they are into the sound first and foremost, but that they can hear the honesty in Matt’s lyricism and hear and understand the message behind each track, whether relating to the listeners personal experiences or someone they know. It’s only a 5 track EP so we’d like to hope that people will be left wanting more.

What or who influences the music that you write? We are heavily influenced by the old bands we listen too, like Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. We also take influence from more current bands like The Dangerous Summer, Transit, A Will Away and Have Mercy, to name some of our favourites. I think this mix of the old and new is what shapes the way we sound.

What has been your funniest moment while recording this EP? Just being down in Folkestone recording made for a lot of funny experiences. Soaking up the atmosphere in local hot spots like Chambers and Party Bar, to a hotel with no radiators, men in bath robes just chilling in the reception and courtesy dirty underwear in the room. We had a lot of laughs when we were there for sure.

Out of all the experiences you had as a band, has there been a particular one that has stood out to you? We had our first show as Seasonal with the awesome Canadian band Seaway, at Scala in London. To play such an awesome venue for our first show was definitely a stand out moment none of us will forget any time soon.

Finally, your EP will be out soon. Any plans to hit the road to promote it? We have some shows in the pipeline. We have announced our first hometown show in Guildford at The Boileroom supporting Muncie Girls on 30th April. As such a new band, tours are not that easy to secure, but follow us on our socials to keep in the loop when we’ll be in your town!

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