Italian Rockers Halflives have released debut album Empty Rooms

Halflives is an Italian alternative rock band which consists of Linda Battilani (vocals), Enrico Bertoni (guitar – vocals), Matt Mantovani (guitar), Oscar Scantamburlo (bass) and Fede Bernardi (drums).


The bands debut album ‘Empty Rooms‘, announced for April 14th 2017, has been funded by a highly successful crowdfunding, confirming the constant and devoted following of a worldwide fanbase.

Empty Rooms is the achievement of quite a long period of writing. It took us overall a year and a half to write it, arrange it, record it, mix it etc, and be truly satisfied about it. We decided to keep it an 8-track album to give you the very best of us. We wanted our first release to be a showcase of our most accomplished songs so we made a kind of “best-of”. The general sound of the album revolves around modern alternative pop/rock, with a melancholic atmosphere wrapped around catchy choruses and delayed guitars that make it overall accessible to everybody.“ – Linda

If I had to pick one track off this record, it would definitely be ‘Half Alive‘. This song is indeed really catchy and seems very promising live! Their album has definitely enough to delight the tastes of each one of you.

“I would definitely pick “Burn” because it’s the most accomplished song on this record. It’s the one that can represent our current identity at best with its deep and melancholic lyrics, anthemic and singalong chorus, and delayed atmospheric guitar sounds in the verses, which can drag you better into the ambiance of the album.“ – Linda

With so much success during their crowdfunding campaign, the band really didn’t disappoint his fans. Indeed, their fanbase seems, so far, totally delighted by this new record!

“So far our current fans are all very satisfied with this album and we couldn’t be more happy about it. I’m very glad that they all get the fact that it’s kind of a “best-of” and that they’re okay with that. It seems they’re all into the lyrics and it’s what I wanted. It makes me feel very accomplished. We’re already starting to receive feedback from new people and it’s all very positive so I’m happy this album will make us reach more people and see new faces! Of course I will expect them all to sing at the shows!“ – Linda

The band is also going to hit the road very soon, so make sure to catch them on tour!

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