We got the honor of premiering the new music video ‘Shot from the Ceiling‘ from the Italian Rock band (AllMyFriendzAre)DEAD today! This single is taken off their third album ‘Wonders from the Grave‘ released by Overdrive Records.



The music video was shot in the coastal area between Reggio Calabria and Favazzina, in the deep south of Italy, which overlooks the Strait of Messina‘ states the band.

It was co-produced by the Calabrian-Ligurian company VisionAir and directed by Giancarlo Galante, the music video tells about a journey into pulp and involves the band members, who play all the characters.

When it comes to the story behind this music video, and according to the band, there’s an alter ego hiding within each one of us.

There’s a good, a bad or even a ugly me that tries to complicate what seems easy and who makes easy what is complicated. In this song we are like dead artists, or like someone who felt an artist and who ends up shooting himself in the head. With this video we tried to show one of our innumerable personalities that gets the upper hand over the other and decide to do what must be done: killing its container‘.

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