Get to know the Belgian pop-punk band ‘Second Opinion’ !

Get to know more about the Belgian pop-punk band ‘Second Opinion‘ latest EP ‘Fat Fish‘, released back in 2016!

Second Opinion

Hello guys. Thanks for taking time to answer our questions! Can you please introduce your band to our readers? Hi, We’re a Belgian pop-punk band called Second Opinion consisting of singer/guitarist Rigo, singer/bassist Daan, guitarist Lucas and drummer Jano. We’ve been a band since December 2014 and we’ve recently released our first EP called “Fat Fish”.

How did you put this band together? Jano, Rigo and Daan used to be in a previous pop-punk band called “College Sound”. When the band quit, they formed “Second Opinion“. Lucas joined in when the band was in need for a second guitarist.

You released back in September 2016 your debut EP ‘Fat Fish’. Can you tell us more about it? The EP counts five songs.  We recorded and released the EP locally without the help of a record label to have some songs that could represent the band. We’re also very proud that the EP made it in the top 10 Belgian pop-punk albums of 2016.   

Who were your main influences for this record? For this record, you can hear some influences from bands like Blink-182, Sum-41 and Rise Against.

What’s your favorite track off this EP? Why? Everyone has got their own favorite track. Rigo and Jano’s favorite track is “Stuck“, because it’s the first song the band has written and it’s definitely the song that underwent the most changes. Lucas and Daan’s favorite song is Party Dude, because it’s the most divers song with a lot of energy.

We saw that you guys released a music video for single ‘Meant to Be’. How was the shooting experience? It was amazing! We’ve had the pleasure to work with Zèta Pictures and Red Bonsai for our music video, which also was the first and only music video we released to this day. We’ve also had a lot of freedom in choosing settings for the different scenes and planning how these scenes should be filmed.  There was a very tight schedule because we only had a day planned for filming, so it was a very busy but very fun experience.

How does music affect you and the world around you? I believe music has a very strong impact on us. For every music style, there is a setting when music can enhance emotions of the listeners. For example when you feel happy and there’s a Blink-182 song playing, you’ll feel even better. Other people listen to Slayer to let off steam or listen to Bob Marley to chill out etc. In the songwriting process we always try to focus on what emotion the song will bring forth. 

Tell us one random fun fact about each band member of the band. Jano is an extreme classic sports car enthousiast, Daan is a very quiet person…until he starts talking, Lucas loves Dragonball Z and Rigo always gets sick at the worst times.

You stated that you gained some solid on-stage experience over the years. What would be your dream tour? Our dream tour would definitely be being part of the whole Warped Tour experience. Nothing tops playing a whole summer long together with amazing bands all over America.

To finish… We’re a webzine based in France. Do you plan on coming over here anytime soon? Of course! We’ll see you soon.

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