Outta Peak releases new record ‘Loveproof’

Outta Peak is a pop mosh band with alternative rock influences based in Sheffield (UK).

The band consists of Federico Telesca (vocals – guitar), Axl Hill (guitar – vocals), Riccardo Cenci (bass) and Jonny Hall (drums).

Released in October 2016, their full length album ‘Loveproof‘ has already aroused the interest of many media around the world. Indeed, their single “First Of All My Passion” was broadcasted on BBC Radio Sheffield Introducing after just a couple of months after they moved to Sheffield, UK.

Their single ‘Anything‘, that you can stream below, may be my personal favorite song off this album. Fans of heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums will definitely be happy !

Loveproof‘ is a solid record that deserves to be recognized, especially for all the hard work the band has put into it.

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