Meet The Ultraviolet !

What Happened to your Band? got the chance to sit down with The Ultraviolet and talk about their upcoming EP ‘The Tales of Our Youth‘.


Hello guys, thanks for taking time to answer our questions! Could you please introduce your band to our readers? Hey guys, we are the Ultraviolet from Boston in Lincolnshire. The band consists of Ben on vocals, Sam on guitar, Emilio on Bass and Russ on Drums.

Can you tell us about how your band first formed? The band started back in early 2014. Myself and Ben had always written music together but never made the next step in starting a band together. This is mainly because we were in other bands, mainly cover bands and never really got around to it. I guess we decided we wanted more than just playing covers in local pubs so we put the band together and asked Emilio to join who we both knew from school. We’ve been writing and playing music together ever since and are still going strong to this day.

What’s the story behind your bands name? We thought it sounded cool at the time so we just kind of stuck with it haha!! Maybe something a bit more google search friendly would’ve been better!

You guys must be really excited to release your upcoming EP ‘The Tales of Our Youth’. It’s finally out! Can you tell us more about it? We actually started recording recording the EP back in 2015. We recorded 3 songs which were ‘Wake Up Dead‘, ‘I Wrote You A Letter‘ and ‘Signal Flare‘ and planned to release them alongside 2 other songs we had previously recorded the year before. However, we felt we had since written stronger songs which would  compliment the other 3 more appropriately so we went back to the studio about 9 months later and recorded ‘You’re Better on Your Own‘ and ‘All I Need Is To Be Needed‘. This is the main reason it has taken so long to release!! Some of the songs are based on past experiences, some good, some bad. Sharing these experiences in song form accompanied with our musical style is really the essence of this EP. We want to connect with listener.

If you had to pick one track off this EP, which one would it be and why? Probably ‘Wake Up Dead‘. The light and dark of the verse and chorus really stand out for me. I feel lyrically it is our strongest song with the bridge in the middle being the hardest hitting part of the song.

How was the recording process? Any funny story from the studio? We love being in a creative environment like a recording studio and making music together. We had a great time recording it and we can’t wait to go back again. One of things I remember was that the studio we stayed at had limited cooking facilities. We spent most of our time outside of recording making food on disposable BBQs and drinking together. Im sure there’s a lot worse things to do in summer!

Who were your main influences for this EP? Artists like: Mayday Parade, Taking Back Sunday, Blink 182, A Day To Remember, Foo Fighters, Fightstar and Jimmy Eat World.

How do you usually write and compose your songs? The we write usually begin with Sam and Ben writing the basis of the song together, mainly parts like the chord progressions, and lyrics and rough melodies. Then it gets brought into practice where we all have our own creative input on it.

You released a few weeks ago a music video for your single ‘All I Need Is to Be Needed’. How was the shooting experience? Stressful to say the least! Due to our busy schedules it was hard to organize around everyone’s plans. Sorting out the when was best to use the school, gather all of the extras and people within a time strict time limit was hard work! However, once we had overcome these struggles we had an amazing time filming it. Everyone in the video did an ace job and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Out of all the experiences you had as a band, has there been a particular one that has stood out to you? I remember playing in small function room in a hotel in Louth last year. We were unsure what to make of it at first but it turned out to be one of the best gigs we had played. The crowd loved us and were singing our songs back to us. They wouldn’t let us leave!! It’s just a shame we forgot to bring the merch with us……

You guys were also out on tour in March, right? Hopefully we’ll get the chance to finally see you live in France soon! We’d love to head over to France and play there! We’re having talks of sorting out a European tour at some point so hopefully we’ll see you soon!

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