Interview with Italian Post-Hardcore band : Anti-Hero

What Happened to your Band? is back with a brand new interview with the Italian Post-hardcore band Anti-Hero ! Learn more about their latest EP ‘Snakes & Liars‘ below.


Hi Anti-Hero. Thanks for taking time to answer a few of our questions, we really appreciate it. First of all, how did you guys first meet? In some way or another, we already knew each other. Lucca is a small city and when the former components and our drummer decided to build the band up, the voice have spread very quickly.

What inspired you to start making music together? Our love for music for undoubtedly the very first reason; we were and are good friends and making music together means open our friendship to new stimulations and ideas.

What’s the story behind your bands name? The name “Anti-Hero” comes from the need to go against the typical idealized figure of the “hero” that society imposes; our will to escape the monotony of stereotypes.

Tell us about the music scene in Italy. I got the chance to work with a few Pop-Punk bands over here and it’s been a real pleasure. What do you think of the Italian hardcore scene? Our genre hasn’t got much space in the Italian music scene. Even if many bands were born in the last 5 years, we think that Italy isn’t ready for hardcore yet.

You guys released back in 2016 your EP ‘Snakes & Liars’. Can you tell us more about it? Snakes & Liars” is our very first Ep. We are very proud of it because it took ages to be ready due to personal and financial issues. We condensed in 5 tracks our most sincere thoughts and views of the world around us.

How do you usually write and compose your songs? Most of the songs were composed during band practices, however many lyrics and drum patterns took a little bit longer to be finish, so they have been optimized by the proper member on his own.

From all the tracks you’ve released so far, is there one you’re especially proud of? Why? Snakes & Liars” definetly. The track gives the name to the EP, it is the longest and most difficult in terms of sound and rhytm. But most importantly, it is the very first song that we composed together.

Does your band has any funny story that you could share with us? We were playing a live show in Milan. After the show our driver brought us at the Hotel (the cheapest hotel ever). It was about 3 am, and we were so drunk and hungry that we were starving, but the hotel didn’t have nothing to eat and the bar inside it was closed. Emanuel (guitarist) took one of our filp-flops and went out of the hotel until he found someone who sold him some sandwiches. He came back (fortunately alive because that was like the bronx side of Milan) from this adventure in an hour and gave us the sandwiches that he bought. Our Hero.

Do you guys plan on releasing new songs this year?  We are currently working on new songs. We hope to record and release new music asap.

Any plans to hit the road soon? We have various gig on their way, including two in our hometown Lucca. In march we have planned two live shows in Pisa and Livorno and in April we are going to be part of a massive concert near Rome. More live shows are going to be scheduled very soon !

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