Infinity on High are back with brand new single !

After two years of silence, the Italian Punk-Rock band Infinity on High is finally back with a brand new single ‘Better Days‘.

On this special occasion, we got the chance to sit down and talk to Davide (vocals, bass).

“Being finally back is a bittersweet feeling. We are obviously happy and excited to be back after so long. We make music because we love to write and play some tunes together, as a band and as a group of friends, but we’re also a bit “scared” of what people think about our new direction, but it’s part of the game.

We can’t wait to play live our new songs and all we can think about now is working on a good set list.”

One thing is sure, with such a catchy single, we know that the band will make a lot of fans really happy.

If you guys were wondering if the band has other plans apart from this new single, the answer is YES, they have a lot of things planned for 2017!

“We have a bunch of songs that we recorded last year. We’re a work in progress. Alice joined the mic (finally) when the preproduction process was almost over. The band loved how the song sounded with three voices, so we decided to adapt the songs during the recording sessions.

We really want to put out the songs we wrote in these two years of silence. We’re so happy about them, so we’re planning some lyric videos and music videos to promote some songs in the first half of 2017.”

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