Pop Punkers Makeshift will soon release ‘Morale’ EP !

Makeshift is a pop-punk band from Long Island, NY, which consists of Andrew Musalo (Guitar/Vocals), Dan Burke (Bass/Vocals), Austin Barrow (Lead Guitar) and Matt Mangione (Drums).


Since releasing their Better Off full-length in 2014, the band has performed at the Ernie Ball stage at the 2015 Vans Warped Tour, Today’s Mixtape Festival and Launch Music Conference, plus tours along the east coast. With their new record, ‘Morale‘, due out on January 13th 2017, they intend to continue on their path of ingenuity.

Their new record gets off to an excellent start with single ‘Damage‘, a great Pop-Punk track that immediately sets the ton of the EP with a powerful chorus and plenty of room for a sing along.

We got the incredible chance to talk to the guys while being on tour and we can’t really say if it’s the band or their fans who are the most excited about the release of this new EP! As the guys explained :

“We can’t wait for the new record to drop. We think these songs are a real departure from what we’ve released previously and we’re excited for everyone to hear how our band has grown.”

Morale offers different styles of songs and this is why it’s enough to please everyone! Even within the band, each member has his own favorite track!

“One song that the whole band is the most proud of would be “Dover Road.” This song really came together in the studio with the help of our producer Adam Cichocki. This song in particular is nothing like what we have released in the past. This whole song hits so hard and we’re all so proud of how it turned out.”

Dan Burke (bass): Two tracks that mean a lot to me personally are “On Leaving” and “Empty Shoes.” “On Leaving” is the interlude of the record and features some lines that I wrote at a time when I wasn’t doing so well but was ready to make a change. It also features some lines written by a poet that I read during this time that meant a lot to me. “Empty Shoes” means a lot to me because the second verse of this song is probably my favorite set of lyrics I’ve ever written. It’s all about moving on and trying to cope with the changes some people decide to make within themselves.”

Andrew Musalo (guitar): “Dover Road” is an extremely personal song for me. It’s about getting through an extremely difficult time me and my family experienced early in my life. There was a lot of resentment and animosity between family members during this time and a lot of the time it felt like the world was ending. This song is about pushing through and overcoming those hardships and coming out better because of it.”

For us, our favorite one is the closing track ‘Morale‘, which starts with a slower pace but soon becomes more intense, and this is a great note to finish on! Ever wondered why the guys decided to name their EP after this track?

“While we were tracking the record, we would end every sentence we said to each other with “Morale is high,” for some reason. After we were almost done tracking and started trying to come up with a name, it just seemed to fit.”

We’re really proud and happy we got the chance to listen to the whole EP before the official release date. We found here a really promising band and we really can’t wait to see what your reactions to this new release will be. As the band said :

“We hope that when people hear our songs they will know that they’re not alone in whatever struggles they might be going through. We’ve all taken our personal experiences, good and bad, and made something positive out of them in this record. We want anyone who hears this record to do the same and make something positive out of their experiences.”

Combining heavy riffs, catchy melody and deep lyrical content, this new record definitely deserves to be recognized worldwide. Indeed, the band exactly knew how to grab listeners at the first note of each track and this is what makes this EP so good!

The band is currently on their record release tour with their friends in Christian Evanko & Company.


“Our tour wraps up at Amityville Music Hall for our record release show on January 20. Other than that we’re gonna keep writing and hopefully start planning for a summer tour.”

Don’t forget to be there on January 13th and support the band for the release of their brand new EP ! If you’re interested, you guys can already buy it on bandcamp !

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