Meet Hello Xmas !

Zachary Russel is a solo artist who created, back in 2013, a seasonal solo project named Hello Xmas.

hello-xmas This project, based around Christmas-themed music (both original and covers) and original merchandise (stationary, buttons, misc accessories), differs from the usual songs that we listen to, which makes it really unique.

His first music release was back in 2013, with a self-titled EP called ‘Hello Xmas‘. This first album received very good feedback from the media, but also from well-known festivals such as Six Flags America, which used single ‘Deck the Halls‘ in their Holiday in the Park shows.

Zach will release exclusively at, on November 18th 2016, a direct follow-up to the original 2013 release titled ‘Hello Xmas II‘. You can already hear a preview of what the album will sound like by checking out his single ‘The First Noel‘, which is, by the way, my favorite track so far. It is clearly showing off some great – fast drums and catchy guitar riffs, which is quite nice to hear!

Please note that the EP will only be out on all online music stores/streaming services in December 2016. If you’re into Pop-Punk and Christmas songs, then you’re most certainly going to love listening to this atypical EP. Save the date!

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