Topsy Turvy’s releases new music video!

Hello guys. Topsy Turvy’s are once again featured on What Happened to your Band?, but it’s not my fault. They should actually stop making such good songs !  😉


For those who still don’t know them (is that possible?!), Topsy Turvy’s is a French punk-rock band composed of Noémie (bass – vocals), Dam’s (guitar – vocals), Cyprien (drums) and Bato (guitar – vocals). They released back in October 2015, a new EP named « I Expect Nothing And I’m Still Let Down » that you can stream on their bandcamp page.

The band is back with a brand new music video for single ‘Escape‘, showing clips from their recent tour in Japan.

This track is simply leading to the highest point. If I had to choose a favorite moment, it would probably be the chorus, as it really highlights the voices of the two singers. Do I really have to mention the instrumental parts? Because yes, if you like catchy riffs and drum beats, then you’re most certainly going to LOVE this single.

Don’t forget to grab their EP « I Expect Nothing And I’m Still Let Down » !

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