Meet Joseph from Stay the Course!

Created in January 2016, Stay the Course is an alternative punk solo endeavor which consists of Joseph Meador.

I had the chance to listen to his 5-tracks release ‘The Golden EP‘, out since May 26th 2016.

1.       Golden
2.       Mirrors
3.       I’ll Say it Then
4.       Roots
5.       Kira

While I may not be a huge fan of aggressive vocals, I have to highlight some of the melodies and honest lyrics that are most certainly going to make you feel concerned. Because yes, we all struggle in life, so I really hope you guys are going to appreciate hearing lyrics that you can actually relate to.

We caught up with Joseph to learn more about his project and debut EP!

Could you please introduce your band to our readers? Well, right now, Stay the Course is just me, Joseph Meador, but eventually I will be recruiting a live band to help me take my show on the road!

When and how did ‘Stay the Course’ first form? I started Stay the Course as a solo endeavor in January of 2016 as an outlet to channel my thoughts, problems, and frustrations. I had all but walked away from writing and playing music for about 5 years. That whole time, I had always felt like I had more to say, so I picked up my guitar and started writing “The Golden EP“. “Stay the Course” is just something that I would tell myself during the writing process, to force me to move forward. I liked the phrase, so I used it as the name for the band.

Your Bandcamp page states that you went to Austin to record this EP in over a week. Can you tell us more about the recording process?  Well, before I went to Austin, I had worked out a pre-production version of the EP to make sure it all flowed and to really kind of feel it out. One of my best friends lives in Austin, Taylor Anderson, and he actually programmed all the drums for my EP. We both have degrees in audio engineering and I really wanted us to just take this project from start to finish. We were able to bang out the EP in what really ended up being about 4 days. I played all the guitar parts on about 90% of the EP,  did 100% of the vocals, and Taylor preformed bass on the EP. It was stressful, and I am a control freak, so I’m sure Taylor was glad when I left, haha!

What do you hope your fans will take from this EP? I just want them to feel the raw energy and emotion in the stories that I tell. I  also hope they realize these songs are very personal to me, they are about me, they aren’t just words I said just because I thought it would sound nice. I want anyone listening to know that I struggle in life, like anyone, but we have to stand our ground and keep pushing forward.

Is there one song you’re especially proud of? Why?Kira” is my favorite song on the EP. Its my favorite because I think it has a very reminiscent sound and drive. The story in this song, like I said before, is very personal to me. By the way, “Kira” is not the name of a girl haha, I took it from Deathnote, meaning “killer” in japanese. This song started out as my least favorite, honestly. But by the time we wrapped up recording, this song really stood out to me.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your fans and our readers? I Would like them to know that they can (and should) download the Golden EP for FREE! On the google play store, bandcamp, spotify, wherever! And feel free to burn copies and email it to friends, I just want everyone to hear it! They also should know, I am working on a follow up EP to have out (hopefully) by Christmas! It has 4 new songs and an acoustic version of “Mirrors” from the Golden EP.

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