Interview with You Know the Drill

What Happened to your Band? got the chance to talk to Benji from You Know the Drill about their upcoming EP!


Hello guys. Thanks for taking time to answer our questions! Who is in your band and what is your role in it? In the band we have myself (Benji Yapp) on vocals, Brad Potter on Drums, Jim McCormack on Lead Guitar, Damo Darby on Bass and Luke Astley on Rhythm Guitar.

How did ‘You Know the Drill’ form? You Know The Drill started when me and Damo wanted to start a band so we got together with Brad who I knew from college and just kind of went for it. We dropped a song in 2014 and then got Jim to join on Lead a few months later, then a couple of years later we enrolled Luke to takeover from me on Rhythm guitar so I could focus on vocals.

Let’s talk about your upcoming EP. How long have you worked on it and how did you approach the writing process? We started writing it nearly a year ago now, after writing a lot of songs we weren’t too happy with we finally managed to settle on 5 different song ideas to work on, and we just slaved over those songs week after week until they were perfect (which wasn’t until we were already in the studio!)

Can you let us know what the songs will sound like? I personally think the songs sound like a blend of old school pop punk and modern day pop punk; There’s fast shouty verses, big catchy choruses and more guitar riffs than you can shake a stick at!

What do you hope your fans will take from this debut EP? I hope they connect with it in one way or another, whether it’s just the music or the lyrics. I hope people will be able to come away wanting more as well, that’s always the best possible outcome! 

Are you going to tour a little bit to promote the release? We’re based in France and we’d love to see you live one day! For sure, we working on sorting some tours out, one will be for the end of this year and another early next year hopefully, but more on that later…

We also saw that you guys are going to support ROAM and Like Pacific on November 20th. How sick is that? It’s so sick! I remember seeing ROAM on their first U.K headline and thinking “man, it’d be so sick to support these guys one day” and now here we are! It’ll be our first show since the E.P is released too, so it’ll be a special show in a number of ways.

What is one lesson you’ve learned that you think is important to pass onto other bands? Know who you want to be and what you want to accomplish. Set a goal and work out how you’re going to get there, but make sure you enjoy it; If you don’t enjoy making your music, then why will anyone else?

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