Wayside Story – Young Adult Fiction

Wayside Story is a a Chicago-based pop punk band which consists of Brian Werdell (vocals, bass) – Kevin Hsu (vocals, rhythm guitar) – Casey Murdock (lead guitar) and Corbin Wyatt (drums).

wayside-story The band recently released a brand new EP named ‘Young Adult Fiction that you can stream on their bandcamp page!

The opening track ‘Let’s Go‘ sets the tone perfectly with fast and powerful drumming beats that are clearly giving a boost to this song from the very first seconds. By placing such a song and therefore, such an appropriate title in the first position on the EP, we can totally expect that the level is going to be higher on the following ones.

I clearly think that ‘Silver Lining‘ was highly influenced by bands I grew up with, such as Good Charlotte and Blink-182. This track is such an amazing throwback to the good and old Pop-Punk songs that rocked my world when I was younger, and for that reason, it deserves recognition.

Learning Curve‘ and ‘Snake Eyes‘ are my absolute favorite tracks on this EP. These are perfect examples of songs we love listening to all day long and that we also would love to hear live! The guitar riffs on these tracks are quite impressive and so catchy that it will immediately make you want to jump up throughout the whole song!

Coming up next is ‘Fear and Loathing in Suburbia‘ showing off a slower pace during the verses, which is quite nice to hear. The instruments take less over, letting us appreciate the singer’s voice properly. This fact clearly gives the EP the diversity it was craving since the beginning.

And here we go… We’re already at the end of the EP with the closing track ‘One Day‘ and we wish this EP was actually longer, as it continues to grow with every listen!

Their EP ‘Young Adult Fiction‘ is definitely a solid material, provided by an awesome up-and-coming Pop-Punk band. Wayside Story will immediately make you think of band that have rocked your teenage years, but with a more modern touch. In terms of musicality or lyricism, we can clearly feel the amount of work the band put into this EP to offer us a great material, and it was brilliantly done!

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