Exclusive interview with The Catching

Hello The Catching. Thank you so much for taking a little bit of your time to chat with us!  🙂


How are you all doing? We’re doing great! We appreciate you taking you’re time to talk as well.

Can you tell us the story behind your band’s name? Sure! So basically, we were recording our first EP over two years ago and wanted to start fresh with a new name, as we had had an old one from when we were younger. We spent weeks during that recording process coming up with names for the project and threw out anything relevant. The Catching came from ideas related to the book, The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. We threw out names inspired by the book because the main character, Holden, is who I am named after and we were also inspired by the message the book had to offer about childhood innocence.

You guys met around the age of 10. Did you always want to be a part of a band together? Yes by the ages of 10 we all knew each other and were good friends however, the four of us weren’t in an official band together until 3 years ago. Jake and I grew up together from when were 7 years old and always had bands, but Drew joined 4 years ago and Evan joined 3 years ago and that’s when we became The Catching.

You recently released your debut EP ‘Teenage Fiction Part 1’. Can you tell us more about it? Yes! We are very happy about that. We recorded the music for the EP over a year ago as a part of a larger album of 11 songs, however, we eventually grew out a lot of the songs and decided it was best to put out our 5 favorites at this moment and to keep writing and developing. We couldn’t be more proud of music that’ll be known as our debut.
Watch now their music video for single ‘Ready Set Go‘ !

How was the writing and recording process? It was unlike anything we had experienced in that area before. We spent 10 days in a rehearsal studio called Soundcheck Nashville with our producer, Skidd Mills combing through the best ideas and full songs we had on our list (45 songs were on that list). After that we hit Blackbird Studios and just spent days laying down some really cool instrumentals and samples as well as the vocal. It felt like the real deal. We will never forget that experience ever.

What do you hope your fans will take from this EP? I just hope people can take our music and enjoy it together or use it to get through hard times if they are going through any. Music has helped me in that way and I only hope my own music can do the same for somebody else. The main messages behind the EP are to not take life too seriously and to be who you are.

You guys are going to hit the road pretty soon and travel all around the country as part of the High School Nation tour. Playing in front of so many people must be sick. What are you the most excited for? We are actually on the tour right now and it’s amazing!! We have been looking forward to it ever since we found out about it. We have been most excited about playing the shows and having the crowd react to our songs as well as gaining and meeting new fans.

What artists continue to inspire you through the years?  Bands like Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Kings of Leon. The fact that they’ve sustained careers making amazing music is exactly what we want to do.

What are you guys currently jamming to? I’ve been jamming to the All-American Rejects a lot lately. They are a huge inspiration to me.

If you could be a Ninja Turtle… Which one would you be and why? Donatello! He is wisdom filled and kicks butt.

Last but not least… Are you guys already working on Part 2?  😉 Yes, yes, and yes!! I’ve been writing since last summer and have 50 plus songs in the works for whatever is next. 5 songs have been picked and are going to be in the works very soon.

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