Foreign Figures’ album Paradigm

Foreign Figures is an emotionally driven Alt-Pop band from Utah, which consists of Eric Michels (vocals), Jonny Tanner (guitar), Seth Dunshee (bass) and Steve Michels (drums).

capture Their debut LP, ‘Paradigm‘ was released on April 1st 2016, followed by extensive regional and national touring, sharing the stage with the likes of X Ambassadors, American Authors and Smallpools.

I deliberatly listened to their first EP ‘Come Alive‘ before checking their new album out. The first thing that comes to my mind once finishing both releases is that the band clearly improved over the years. The lyrical content of each song on their album is way more mature than it was before, which is quite pleasant to hear.

Tracks such as ‘Paradigm‘, ‘Seasons‘ and ‘Lionheart‘ best exemplifie these changes. We have here a mature and emotional songwriting which people can actually relate to. It’s quite hard to explain how we feel while listening to a great song, so the only thing I can say is that something happened deep inside. Like an instantaneous connection between the band and the listener. Eric’s tone of voice is really surprising. It feels like the world stopped spinning for a moment and the only thing that actually matters is to enjoy their songs, without being disturbed by anything else.

The band also highlighted, through the whole album, different instruments which was quite pleasant to hear. ‘Lionheart‘ was, for example, highlighted by piano and ‘Force of Nature‘ by drums. This point clearly puts forward their technical capabilities and their willingness to offer songs, all different from each other, in one same record.

I’m really glad I got the opportunity to discover this great band. Their style is really different from bands I usually listen to, but in the positive way. The next step? Seeing this band live! So hey, Foreign Figures! If you’re reading this, do not forget to add France to your next tour 😉

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