Interview with PRANX

Hello PRANX, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for What Happened to your Band?.


First of all, how are you doing? We’re doing well, thank you! We’re a bit depressed because of the lack of shows this month but it’s alright  😉

Could you please tell us how your band first formed? Boris (guitar, vocals) and Rouven (bass, vocals) already knew eachother and had played together in a previous band. When our drummer left we decided to not just replace him but to make an entire new start with new name, new songs etc. We found drummer Marcel on facebook by posting that we were looking for a drummer and he called us suprisingly fast after about 5 minutes after making that post.

What’s the story behind your bands name? The band Boris and Rouven had played together before was called ‘Prank FanatiX‘. PRANX is basically a shorter version of it. We cut it short because people always had trouble with remembering our name. Prank FanatiX was inspired by the term ‘faith fanatics‘ in Green Day’s song ‘East Jesus Nowhere‘.

What do you think sets you apart from any other Pop-Punk band out there? I think we have a very unique vocal sound. The nasally sounding and rather calm voice is something that’s not very common in this type of genre. Our drummer also tends to play beats that have their own character and differ from the standard hihat-bass-snare beats.

What have you guys been up to since the release of your EP ‘Things on your Mind’ in 2015?  We have released another 2 music videos after the release of the EP and in general played as much live shows as we possibly could. We also were constantly writing new songs for our next EP that we’re going to record at the end of the year.

We just finished watching your music video for ‘Another Year’. How was the shooting experience? It was our first time shooting a music video but we had a great time. Also a little stressful for our bassist Rouven because he directed and produced the whole thing which saved us a lot of money!

I‘m pretty sure you guys have a few funny stories to tell us regarding the studio and the shooting of the music video… The funny thing while shooting the video was that Rouven was director but also played the role of one of the nerds. Essentially he was leading the whole process and had to act kind of serious but at the same time he ran around all day in this ridiculous nerd outfit which made it hard to take his position as authoritarian leader guy serious. His actions were contradicting his outer appearance which made us laugh from time to time. It was an absurd situation but we managed to get through it all  😀

We’re based in Alsace so we can basically say that we’re neighbors haha. Do you plan on playing a few shows over here anytime soon? There’s nothing specific planned but if there ever comes the chance to play there we would be totally down for it! If you have any contact to promoters or cool venues, let us know! Always love to play shows  🙂

Speaking of touring. What would your dream tour be like? I always dreamed of something like Warped Tour but for Europe instead of the US. I love the idea of putting so many bands of the same genre together for one big tour where you can watch sets or connect with every sick band you like any day of the week. There have been European dates for Warped Tour in the past but it was only a few days, with only a small amount of bands and in winter where the shows couldn’t be played outside…
A european summer tour in the style of Warped with all our pop punk heros would be a dream!

Top 5 favorite Pop-Punk bands? Blink-182, Green Day, All Time Low, Sum 41, Neck Deep.

And to finish… What can we expect next for you guys? The next big thing we plan on doing is the release of our second EP which we’re going to record any time in the next 2 months and can be expected in the first half of 2017 along with a new music video. You may watch out for that  😉

What Happened to your Band?