Story Untold releases debut EP

For those who didn’t know them before, Story Untold was initially Amasic, a band founded by Janick Thibault, who began posting covers of hit songs on Youtube.


The band quickly became a huge success and released two great EP’s. It was only time for them to be discovered by such a great company that Hopeless Records is! Janick Thibault (vocals and guitar), Jessy Bergy (guitar), Mehdi Zidani (drums) connected with Max Cloutier (Rhythm guitar) and Aiden Von Rose (Bass) to form STORY UNTOLD. To celebrate their signing to Hopeless Records, the band has released a sick debut, self-titled EP, along with a music video for the track ‘History’!

Their EP kicks off with the track ‘Everything is OK‘, which is about how fucked up our world can sometimes be. Through this song, the band wanted to let their fans know that in the end, everything will be alright, you just have to believe it deep down. We can clearly say that this song is an amazing opening track that makes you want to discover the following songs real quick.

You’re a Freak‘ was initally a song released by Amasic, but it’s nice to see it on this EP too. It just means that Amasic is opening a new chapter of their life as a band and will somehow always be there.

History‘ is probably the best song on this EP so far. As soon as I watched their music video and heard this track, I fell in love with it. It’s been on repeat at the office for two days now and I can’t feel sick of it! The riffs are simply awesome and the chorus is so damn catchy. This track simply shows that Story Untold is ready to kick some asses and is more than ready, as I previously said, to write a new chapter of their story!

Give up On Us‘ offers some great opening riffs that immediately makes you want to jump up. The catchy chorus shows us that Janick, the lead singer, definitely has some great vocal abilities.

Coming up next is ‘Another Night‘ a track that you guys had the chance to discover on Amasic’s first EP ‘The Things We Say’. I’m glad the band chose to keep this track on their new record, because I’m sure a lot of you guys can relate to it. To be honest, this track is actually perfect for a sing along and this is what makes it so good.

The band co-wrote a song with Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau from Simple Plan called ‘If I Had One Dollar‘. The fans who have been there from day one have for sure already heard this song, but once again, it’s awesome to see that the band has integrated some of their previous songs in their debut EP.

Last but not least, the closing track ‘What If‘ may be my second favorite song off this EP. Through this song, the instrumental is clearly highlighted with its pounding drums and catchy guitar riffs that make you shake your head to the beat of the song. Once again, the chorus highlights the singers’ voice and this track seems clearly very promising live.

This EP shows a lot of promises and if the next one carries this on, they’ll be huge (not that they are not already…). The band is indeed using deep, catchy lyrics which people can relate to them and this is why the EP has enough to delight everyone. I’m really, really happy to see that things have finally evolved for these guys. They worked really hard over the years and as you can see, hard work always pays off. So if you’re currently in an unsigned band… Keep working hard, keep gathering a sizeable fanbase and most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP! I’m really happy for you, Story Untold. Congrats once again on this amazing EP and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you guys 🙂

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