Interview with Trash’N’Clean

Hello Trash’N’Clean. Hope you’re doing great. Thanks so much for doing this interview with us !


First of all, what do you think sets you apart from any other Italian Punk-Rock band? Oh my god, we are starting with an easy question, I see… Let’s break the ice then (laughs).
I think in general people tend to struggle to classify us, and that is for us a characteristic already. We’ll explain better: we definitely have pop punk and punk rock influences in our songs. On one hand, people from the pop punk world don’t think we are strictly pop punk, because we have a rougher timbre. On the other hand, people who play punk rock say we are too melodic and technical to be classified as punk rock… so, you see what I mean? I’d say we are more of a pop rock band with melodic punk influences of all kinds.

I think right now this is a bit of a disadvantage because at the beginning it is easier to grow within a specific underground scene, so identifying yourself in one or another world. However, in the long run, our position can be advantageous because you tend to reach a broader range of listeners. Plus… we are who we are and we are not planning on changing it. We are evolving and growing from who we are now, but always keeping our roots and influences up front.

Things have been quite busy for you these past few months. You released beginning of June a music video for single ‘Thousand Daggers’. Can you tell us how the shooting experience was? It was extremely fun. An all-day-long party, really. We shot everything in one day: from 9 AM to 1 PM we did all the playback scenes, then from 1 PM to… I don’t even remember but it was late (11 PM!?), we shot all the other individual scenes plus the closing act.

It was the first video shooting experience for us and if I have to be honest it couldn’t have gone any better. Everything ran smoothly and all the people that came had loads of fun, which is the thing that mattered the most to us that day. Creating contact with the fans is one of our main focuses, so we even had a small private gig for the people who made it through the day, since we had all of the gear ready.

Speaking of shooting a music video… I know that you guys like having fun and I’m 100% sure that you have a few funny stories to tell us. Fire away! Well… I think there are a bit too many and probably 95% of them cannot be told unfiltered at an interview, if you know what I mean (laughs).

However, Danny (our lead guitarist) has built himself a reputation for being a grumpy drunk who always insults everyone regardless. One night we were supporting a band of friends and we went to their gig. Danny had a bit too much to drink and turned on “angry Danny” mode. The show starts and after the first song there is a few seconds of silence. Danny looks at the rest of the band and bluntly (and loudly) states: “This is so shit”. Little did he know that the band was recording their performance…

You released your second EP ‘Wetness Delivery’ on June 16th. Can you tell us more about it? Wetness Delivery” is the result of our participation in Emergenza Festival. After performing at the national final at the Alcatraz in Milan, we won the second prize, which was the production of a brand new EP.

If you gave it a listen you probably noticed that all the tracks sound rather different in terms of intent and in terms of topics. In fact, we see “Wetness Delivery” as a collection of our tracks more than as a well defined EP with a reason and a message behind it. It was a choice, you know? We wanted to give people an idea of who we are. Trash’N’Clean right? We are “trashy”, dumb and we know how to have fun, but we are also five clever boys who can treat a variety of serious topics as well (if needed).

How have your fans and the media responded to it so far? We’ll be very self-critic here. We are receiving a huge response from our live shows, which we are super happy about. However, most people then tell us that they were disappointed with our music material on Spotify, Youtube, etc. after being at our shows. This simply means that the new EP is not at an appropriate level yet. It’s not supporting us in what we do, and is somehow dragging us down. For this, and many more reasons we are working on a new EP right now! So, stay tuned. Our aim is to increase the level of our music and the material available to fans, so that it matches and supports our live performances.

You guys are clearly ready to expand your fanbase worldwide, as you’re currently working on a new single. When can we hopefully expect it and how different is it going to be from your new EP?
Woah, good question. We’re gonna give you a little spoiler now. The new material will have a lot of clean guitars and a very dramatic and severe timbre. It will feel “important”. The songs will be catchier and our style will be definitely more “Trash’N’Clean” than ever. We are aiming to give ourselves a new musical character with these new songs, and we think we are on the right track! I’m not saying we’ll be abandoning what we’ve been doing so far, we don’t want that… at all! As a band, we are experiencing now the process of growth… and it has never felt so right.

You also set up an awesome festival named the ‘LOOK AT THAT FEST’ on June 18th. Congrats! I heard amazing things about it. Since this first edition was such as success, do you plan on continuing it on the long term? I think so. We didn’t do it initially with the idea of having a continuous annual appointment. However, we really had nice feedback and a great night overall. We can easily say that it was a success. So why not trying to organize “LOOK AT THAT FEST Vol. 2”?

If each member of your band could be an animal, which one would you be and why?
Ps: You can’t be a sloth cause that’s what I would be. I think Sid from Ice Age is my brother…
: a special breed of arabic raccoon. Raccoons are cute and funny animals, but they are well known for creating disorders and being harmful animals at times. Fabio is exactly like that.
Mark: Sea Otter. Why? Well, everyone in this world likes sea otters; and everyone likes Mark.
Danny: A cat! Without a doubt… he is the most mysterious, calm, and creative character in the band.
Marchino: Meerkat. A very big and tall species of Meerkat! His pointy silly face and his back posture say it all.
Mario: a horse. You know, the kind of horse who’s really calm and quiet and then, when it’s time to race… it just explodes with energy.

Let’s see if we are soulmates. Top 5 favorite punk-rock / pop-punk songs?
Knuckle Puck – Disdain
The Story So Far – High Regard
NOFX – The Decline
Blink 182 – Shut Up
Rise Against – Survive

Last but not least: you guys took a HUGE step and decided to quit your jobs to dedicate yourselves 100% to the band. How do you live this change and what steps do you plan on crossing thereafter? It is a huge step and we are aware of that. In order, we are planning to: record a new EP, release a new video and then simply send it around everywhere (labels, bookings, press, etc.). In this process it is extremely important to play live as much as we can. A tour in Europe and in the UK is also something we are planning on doing. We want to reach as many people as we can with our songs, and hopefully create a strong bond with the individuals through our music. We believe in this, and although we know how long the way is… we have never been so determined.

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